Hospital County Nedocs Status Updated
Morgan Medical Center Morgan Normal ED is normal 10/07/2022 09:22:10
Monroe County Hospital Monroe Busy ED is busy 11/13/2022 23:04:43
Mitchell County Hospital Mitchell Normal ED is normal 07/10/2020 14:22:21
Miller County Hospital Miller Normal ED is normal 12/06/2022 16:19:05
Memorial Satilla Health Ware Normal ED is normal 11/22/2022 19:08:34
Memorial Hospital and Manor Decatur Busy ED is busy

Normal Open to accept incoming ambulance traffic

12/07/2022 08:02:15
Memorial Health University Medical Center Chatham Busy ED is busy 05/09/2022 08:16:08
Meadows Regional Medical Center Toombs Overcrowded ED is overcrowded 04/09/2021 12:06:32
Lifebrite Community Hospital of Early Early Normal ED is normal 09/13/2021 08:41:53
Liberty Regional Medical Center Liberty Normal ED is normal 11/28/2022 09:04:07
John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital Thomas Severe ED is severely overcrowded

ER Saturation ER nearing capacity

12/07/2022 18:14:43
Jenkins County Medical Center Jenkins Normal ED is normal 10/31/2022 09:36:58